Birthday Messages for 5 year Old

Birthdays are special for each and every one of us. But they are especially exciting for children! They have a free pass to eat all they want, to play as much as they can with all their friends together and to open many presents! Of course their birthday is also important for the people who love them: their parents of course, their aunt and uncle, their grandparents, their teacher etc. So if a kiddo you know is turning five this time of the year, then get out a card and a pen and get writing some wishes!(ps. do not forget a present too! ) So here are some ideas of what to write in a card:

Look at you! Already five and able to do most things on your own! Happy 5th birthday, make sure you eat all the cake you can!!!

Well, I decided to not wrap up your gift and just give it to you… It’s a tiara so come here and let me crown you, my little princess! You deserve the best on your special day!

Let’s see if this year you can blow out all the candles at once!!! Happy birthday!! With a huff and a puff…..!

Happy birthday sweetie! Hope you sing and dance the day away! I also hope you can learn some new songs because I have heard the ones you already know too many times! Oh, well…It is your special day after all!

On this special day, I would just like to thank you for being in my life for the past few years… Our adventures have been amazing and I really cannot wait for the ones that are yet to come! Happy birthday little fella!

It might be your special day today, but I will not let you get away before kissing you and hugging you all I want! You are most precious to me…Happy birthday!

You deserve everything there is and more! Stay cute, smart and sweet! It is an irresistible combination! Happy birthday!

Too bad that I cannot call you little girl or little boy anymore… You’re already five years old and all grown up! Happy birthday now, enjoy growing up!

I always knew you were born a superstar… Get on that dance-floor and show us your moves kiddo! Happy 5th birthday!

I cannot believe how five years went by so fast… I will always love you! Happy fifth birthday!

Well I guess no one can call you kid anymore… Enjoy being all grown up now! Happy fifth birthday!

I cannot remember what it felt like being five years old, but it looks utterly amazing!! Enjoying eating lots of cakes and opening presents! Happy fifth birthday!

Say goodbye to four, because today you are turning mighty five!! Happy fifth birthday! Stay as great as you always are!

You might be turning five today, but to me you will always be my baby! You are my prince/ princess… Happy fifth birthday!

TYPE or PASTOne more year has passed and your loving child is about to have his fifth birthday. And you know how important these five year marks (five, ten,fifteen, etc.) are. Of course, knowing this fact for yourself is not enough, you want your child to know, also. So here is a list of wishes that are bound to make him/her realize the fact of how special he/she is to you. And feel free to change them anyway it suits your needs.

Not even five years old and you are already able to write your own name. And maybe people will think that this is not so hard but their children’s last name is not Beauchamp, praise your father’s family. Oh well, sometimes I think it has a kind of a regal note about it. Happy fifth birthday.

I hope you have an amazing 5th birthday that you won’t forget anytime soon.I hope your birthday is well spent with your family and your little friends.

You’re finally old enough to have a happy birthday without having to ask for permission. Happy 5th Birthday!

I hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever ! I love you more than words can say my little baby <3 Have the best birthday ever !

Well, the doctor said that you are going to ask for food this year, without us having to force you to stop playing to come and eat but we didn’t expect you to transform to an English lord asking for breakfast at exactly 8.30 every morning and lunch at 19.30 every evening. Don’t worry darling, we love every single British peculiarity of yours, happy fifth birthday.

This year you have been so much next door, to Mrs. Jones, that, at some point, I though of letting her throw you a birthday party. Oh don’t mind me, you know I can become jealous some times. Happy fifth birthday.

Now that you have learned to spell properly not only your full name but your address and phone number, too, we think it is time for you to get lost for your first time. Just kidding darling, we are so proud of the progress you are making, happy fifth birthday.

According to child psychologists, this is the year children begin to be actually obnoxious, but we are sure that you are going to continue being the kindest child in the world. Happy fifth birthday darling.

This year I hope that the word I most frequent direct to you will be some other than stop. Oh I am just kidding honey, do as you like , I love you no matter what. Happy fifth birthday

This year when your teacher told us that you were one of the smartest kids in the classroom, your father almost came to tears. Oh, darling you make us so proud. Thank you and happy fifth birthday.

I realize how much you love singing, I just hope that your voice gets better with the years. Oh, I am just kidding honey. You are already a proper Elvis. Happy fifth birthday.

Oh darling you have been so sympathetic with all your friends’ feelings this year, that I think you have become the most altruistic person I have ever met. Let’s just hope that people in the future will love you for that and not exploit you. Don;t worry though, we’re not going to let anybody do that. Happy fifth birthday.

Both me and your father can’t seem to understand who do you take after, posing for photos and walking up and down the stairs like you are on the runway, all the time. Oh well, I think that we should just get used to the idea of having a future top model in the house. Happy fifth birthday honey.

We already knew that in every children’s cycle of friends there is always one kid, that the others admire and take after, but we never thought that this could be you. I think we have a natural born leader in our hands. So, happy first birthday, my little president.

These have been the 1825 most beautiful days of our lives honey, and I am sure that you are going to give us as much joy in the days to come. Happy fifth birthday.

To the most perfect five year old in the world, happy birthday.

I hope that in the future, when you grow up and decide to marry, that you will find someone to love you as much as me and your mom does. Happy fifth birthday honey.

Well, this year I have to admit you are finally obedient: You eat, you sleep and you play when it is the right time to do those things and that is when we tell you. I am truly proud of your discipline son. Happy fifth birthday.

I know that at your age, all the girls seem like evil monsters, who exist for the sole purpose of getting all the attention of their parents, but believe me: Your opinion of them is going to change rapidly in the years to come, and that is why, despite your specific instructions, I invited some of them too, for your party. I just hope you won’t hold a grudge against me. Happy fifth birthday.

You know honey, you are truly great, I just wish you would stop repeating every single word you hear. Especially your dad’s, whose majority of sentences contain most of the words a five year old should never say. Oh well, what can you do? Happy fifth birthday

Five is extra clever, with lots of words and songs. Five is extra smart, with letters big and small. Five is extra special, with dreams and wishes for you!

This year you were finally able to listen to and fully understand any order we gave you. For the next year, we hope that you are going to follow at least some of them. Happy fifth birthday.

Knock, Knock! Who’s there? Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday, who? Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday! Five happy birthdays just for you!

We can’t wait for you to make a mess of the rooms upstairs, too, now that you are finally able to walk there on your own. Oh well, don’t mind us, climb on my sweet darling and happy fifth birthday.

I love you more than kittens and puppies and ponies. I love you more than rainbows and butterflies and sunbeams. I love you more than cake and presents and songs. I hope you love your birthday as much as I love you!

I think the most impressive accomplishment of yours this year, was when you started using fork and spoon to eat. I believe we have a proper gentleman in the making. Happy fifth birthday.

We really love the time when you make us sit in the living room and listen to your stories but this year, with those ten-minutes ones, I think you have truly established yourself as a future fantasy writer. Happy fifth birthday.

I believe we are going to remember this year, mainly because of all your dancing and singing. I think we have a new Beyonce in the making. Happy fifth birthday.

You became so popular this year that it took me more time to write the invitations to your party than actually preparing it. Oh well, a little bit of excess never hurt anybody. Happy fifth birthday.

You are really growing up to be a fine boy, my son but I have to say this temper of yours has me a little bit worrying. Don’t be afraid though, I am sure by this time next year you will be the perfect image of Zen. Happy fifth birthday.

We were so proud this year when your teachers told us that you were the first pupil properly acknowledging classroom directions and fully following them. I think you are going to be a very disciplined and proper boy. Happy fifth birthday.

We realize that it comes with the age, but you don’t have to mimic your friends in everything that they do. I think it is obvious that you are better than them and that they should be mimicking you.