Birthday Messages for 21 year old

Your child, because we all know you still see him/her as one, is about to have his/her twenty first birthday. And you know that this is a somewhat peculiar age since he is actually becoming an adult after being a teenager for so long and that he is in the first steps of reaching maturity. So you want to extend some wishes and although you know that he is not going to make fun of you or dismiss you altogether if you say something that he regards as dull or even stupid, you also know that from this point on, whatever you say has to have some measure of quality, because he/she now understands what is all about. So here is a list of wishes that take into consideration all of the above and even including a measure of humor. And if they do not fit exactly you can always adjust them to your needs anyway you want.

There has been a lot of  character tests throughout your life and you have excelled in each and everyone of them, never letting yourself be swept away by any kind of temptation. But now that you are reaching twenty one, a big one comes your way and that is the casino. Both me and your father hope that you will not have any kind of problem with gambling too, although it is one of the biggest addictions. So, happy birthday and keep in my mind, we believe in you.

Everything else withstanding, now we have to worry about you buying alcohol legally, too. Who knows what is coming our way this time. Just kidding son, happy birthday.

As I was reading about the legal rights a twenty one year old has, I stumbled upon the fact that you can now adopt. We know how much you want to be a mother but please don’t do that to us. At least not for some years yet. Oh well, happy birthday honey.

So now that you are becoming twenty one you have the right to apply  for an airline transport pilot’s license. Let’s see where that gets us. Happy birthday, son.

Married at eighteen and mother before twenty one. I have to say this is not something me and your dad expected or even hoped for. But the fact is you are happy and in the end, that is all that matters to us. Happy birthday, darling.

Me and your mom both realize we did not have enough money while you were growing up and all the hardsharps you had to get through because of that. So, now that our financial state is in an excellent condition we decided to give you a really big present,  partly because we want to thank you for your patience and your total lack of whining. And yes, it is an all expenses paid trip around Europe. Happy twenty first birthday.

You were noisy and always crying as a toddler, dirty and and always breaking things as a child and I won’t even start about your teenage years. But in the end you have managed to become a great human being, although it took you twenty one years. Happy, birthday son.

Now that you have reached twenty one, I think it’s time for you to finally leave the house and give me and your mom some piece and quiet. Just kidding, honey. Or not, who knows? Happy twenty first birthday.

Now that you have reached twenty one and become such an outstanding adult I think we have got to finally admit it. We are the greatest parents that ever existed. Oh yes, you are good, too. Happy twenty first birthday son.