Birthday messages for kids

It is that time of the year again and your loving child has his/her birthday. You want to wish something unique and original but you are afraid that everything has been said or written on the subject. Do not be afraid though. We have prepared a list of birthday wishes for kids, that no one ever thought before, much less written or said. And feel free to alter them any way it suits your circumstances.

Since you were born ,you have given true meaning to our lives and you continue to do so. Thank you and happy birthday son.

You have grown up to be such an upstanding young man and we are so proud of you. Happy birthday son.

You are a kind person, a good student, popular with a lot of friends, everything a parent could ask for. Happy birthday, daughter.

Last year for your birthday we bought you a PS4. Please don’t make us take it away this year. Please leave it aside and study a little bit. Otherwise you are going to fill us with guilt. Happy birthday son.

Dare to dream of unicorns, angels, and fairy godmothers. The world is what you make it, so be sure and make it full of happiness and joy. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

I have to admit, we were pretty anxious about how you were going to cope with your newborn brother. I mean you were used to being the centre of attention. But you’ve proved to be a lot more mature than your years suggested and we thought you to be. We are proud and in debt in the same time. Happy birthday daughter.

Fourteen years old and still not obnoxious at all. At least not as much as your friends are. Oh, I am just kidding, happy birthday son.

Although you think we do not have a clue about what you are doing all those hours in your room, in front of the computer, because you cannot possibly assume that we believe you are studying-we have seen your grades, but we actually do. They are called MMORPG and that article I found on the web stated that they are the drugs of the Internet generation. So this year, as a birthday present we are going to take the computer from your room. I bet you are going to thank us in the future. So, happy birthday son.

You were very difficult your first years as a baby, always yelling and breaking things. Thank God it was just a phase and you have grown up to be a quiet, polite child. Happy birthday daughter.

May today bring you warm sunshine and cool breezes. Enjoy your day at the beach! Happy birthday.

Once upon a time, there was a mommy who loved her sweet little girl. But that’s no fairytale! That time is now and that girl is you. Happy birthday my princess!

Your father is so proud that you chose to enroll to a basketball team. He was always afraid you were going to be a footballer and you know what he thinks of the sport. Thank you for that and happy birthday son.

Now that you are thirteen you probably think that you have grown up. Do not be afraid though. For me and your father, you are going to be our little baby at least three more years. Happy birthday son

You are almost without fault if we exclude your uncanny adoration for Justin Bieber. Oh well, I think it is the virus of our time. Happy birthday daughter.

Only thirteen years old and already the boys are lining up for you. I think we may have a potential heartbreaker living in our house. Happy birthday darling.

You may be the youngest member of our family but this year you repeatedly surprised us in a good way by being the sole voice of reason in our house. We are proud and thankful at the same time. Happy birthday daughter.

I cannot help but tear up when I think of how this is the last year before you become a teenager. It is not because I want to hold onto the old days, but rather because I have great hopes for you in the years to come. You are a special boy and I look forward to knowing the man you will become. Happy birthday from your proud father/mother!

Over the years, most relatives and friends used to say that we were spoiling you too much. But you