What to write in a birthday card for niece

Nobody can state which of your family members are the most important to you. And, as you know, most people think that relatives like father, mother, son and daughter are the only ones you should care about. But you know better and you are free to cherish a relative like your niece as much as the aforementioned. So now that your favorite one has her birthday you want to extend some wishes that are going to make her feel that you regard her as one of the “inner” circle. And you know that you can be much cooler when you associate with members who are not immediate family.

So here is a list of wishes that are going to accomplish all that, coolness included. And you can always change them to better suit your personality and circumstances.

It kind of hurt when you stopped going out shopping with me, choosing to go with your friends instead, but I have to say you turned out to be quite elegant. So I guess it’s all right. And remember, I still consider myself as your teacher in that department. Happy birthdofay niece.

It has been a pleasure watching you all this years growing up from child to adolescent to college graduate to wife and now to mother. Thank you for letting me share it all with you. Happy birthday niece.

I have to admit you have grown up to be quite stunning. If only you cared for school as much as for your looks. Oh well, you can always become a model or marry someone rich. Happy birthday niece.

You know that me and your aunt never managed to have any children o f our own, so we have always considered you as our child. And after all these years we want to thank you for letting us stay so close to you. Happy birthday niece.

Well, now that you are finally eighteen I think it is time to take you for a trip with me. So for this year’s birthday present I am giving you a free trip to Brazil. And even if you haven’t realized it already, I am sure that you will now accept that your aunt always gives you the best presents. Happy birthday niece.

I have to admit, when you chose to major in photography, I was so proud that you were going to follow in my footsteps. So I went a little bit overboard and bought you this state of the art Cannon, to start your new passion with the best of equipment. Happy birthday niece.

Now that you are closing in on eighteen, you may think that you are too old to confide in your aunt anymore. But I want you to know that I will always be there for you and rest assured that I have still.