Birthday Wishes for Nephew

The 15 Most amazing Birthday wishes for Nephew

It’s that time of the year again. Your favorite nephew has his birthday and you are wondering what  kind of wishes you should extend to him. You don’t want to get overboard and make him think of you as uncool and you most certainly do not want to overshadow his parents because you know how they get.  We have prepared for you a list of wishes and rest assured, because we have taken into consideration all of the aforementioned constraints. And don’t worry, you can overshadow them a little. Also, feel free to adjust them any way you want.Choose one from the following great collection of birthday wishes for nephew.

You know me and your uncle never had any children so you have been like a son to us all these years. We are so proud of the man you have become and we have enjoyed very much watching you grow. I hope you are going to continue the same path you took as an adolescent now that you have become an adult. Happy birthday nephew.

Your parents have imposed a lot of rules on you but I have decided as a birthday gift for you, I am going to spoil you this year as much as I can. At least when they are not watching. It will be our little secret. Happy birthday nephew.

You know sometimes your parents are too close to you to be objective about the things that are happening in your life. These moments, I want you to know that you can always come to your favorite aunt. Happy birthday nephew.

Well since I know how much you love fishing, I have made arrangements with your parents and this year as a birthday present I am going to take you with me up to the lakes for the weekend, for some fishing and male bonding. Happy birthday nephew.

I may be your aunt but me and your father have a twelve years age difference so I think that I am closer to you that way. Just don’t forget that, when you send invitations for your birthday party. I am one of you, not one of the grownups. And you know I am bringing the best present. Happy birthday nephew.

Me and your aunt love and cherish you so much my dear nephew that sometimes we catch ourselves wishing our son was more like you. Just do not ever tell him. Happy birthday nephew.

Happy seventeen birthday from your coolest aunt.

Well, now that you are finally going to have your eighteenth birthday I think it is time for your favorite uncle to introduce you to the strip bars of the city. And maybe even get you a little drunk. Just remember, it will be our little secret. Happy birthday nephew.

Me and your grandmother have an ongoing contest of who will spoil you the most. And as much as it infuriates your mother, you are going to benefit a lot from this contest. Especially when you have your birthday because the contest of who will bring you the best present becomes a true marathon. Well, I am sure mine will be better. Happy birthday nephew.

We may be a very large family but you are my favorite nephew. Sometimes I think you are my favorite family member. Just do not tell my husband and my kids. Happy birthday nephew.

Now that you are in college, I hope you will realize how cool your aunt is and finally introduce me to some of your fellow medical students. Your birthday party  this year would be an excellent opportunity. And you know I am bringing the best present. Please? Oh well, your call. Happy Birthday!

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