Birthday wishes for Dad

Birthday Wishes for Dad

It is easy to expect presents and cards from our parents on our birthday, but what happens when it is their turn? Yes, once in a while it is our turn to treat them and make their day special! You could take them out for dinner, cook for them, organize a party, take them on a trip etc. But most parents do not ask that much from us… What seems really insignificant to us will make their whole day: a birthday card with a simple wish from their child they love so much… So here are some ideas for your father’s special day:

You are the kindest and most loving father a daughter/son could ask for. Happy birthday!!

Do not worry…On this day you are free to eat and drink all you want! We won’t steal any of it… Happy birthday!
You are and always will be my role model. Happy birthday!

You were the one who taught me how to ride a bike, how to fish and most importantly how to believe in myself. I could never thank you enough…Happy birthday!

Happy birthday! Another white hair added, I guess!!!

Another year gone by and you’ve still got all your teeth! Just joking… Enjoy your special day with friends and family!!

You’ve taught me everything I know… such as enjoying a good beer…so let’s get started! Happy birthday!

I would not be the person I am today if it weren’t for you. Thank you for always being there. Happy birthday, dad!
I am so proud to have you as my dad; you are the coolest! Happy birthday!

On this special day, let’s forget all the different reasons for each of your grey hairs and let’s celebrate! Happy birthday!

It’s that time of the year you get to sit around all day while we take care of you…So sit back and enjoy your special day! Happy birthday dad!

Thank you for guiding me through the good and the bad situations… I would not be here today without you… Happy birthday dad!

If only all dads were as funny, loving and caring as you, the world would be a better place…Happy birthday dad! Enjoy your special day!

Now that we’ve grown up it’s time for you to enjoy your life to the fullest! May this day be the first in a series of new adventures! Happy birthday!

Thank you for supporting me throughout the years…You are my rock. Happy birthday dad!

Don’t flatter yourself… I saw your upcoming birthday on facebook…! Just joking… Happy birthday dad, hope you eat and drink to your heart’s content!

It is hard to sum up all my feelings about you in one card…So here is the simplest wish… Happy birthday dad, I love you so much!

You have not only been a great dad, but a great friend to me as well… Happy birthday!

The first time you realized that parents can also celebrate their birthday was shocking! After all, birthday is a good chance to call your friends at home, eat pizzas and sweets and do every kind of stupid thing, right? Well, not exactly. Grown-up celebrate too, just in a different way than their children. So, when time comes for dad’s birthday, nothing is more touching than receiving a message of love from his children. Get great ideas from the list below to make your own dad’s birthday wish and make him happy!

364 days a year you give me my pocket money, but today is a very special day, so I decided to give you something back. Unfortunately, I don’t hold any money, but I can give 364 kisses! Happy birthday, daddy!

You may not wear a cape or be able to fly, but you will always be a super hero for bearing with me for so long! I want to thank you that you did and wish you to stay as sweet and caring as you are now when I’m not in the mood. A sweet kiss and all my love to my beloved dad!

I wonder if I ever understand how you can always have an answer to my questions and how you always know what I’m thinking. I would really like you to teach me how to do it when I’m old enough to have my own family. Have a great time on your birthday!

Father, make sure you eat as much cake as possible. No, not because it’s your birthday, but because soon you won’t have the real teeth to do so. Happy birthday to you!

I brought you a very beautiful and expensive gift from the jewelry store for your birthday. The kind gentleman who owns the place said you have to pay until the end of the month. Please take care of it, because I passed all morning searching for the perfect gift and I am exhausted. Cheers, dad!

If the saying “like father, like son” is truthful, I would be glad to make it happen. Thank you for bringing out the best of me. Happy birthday, dad!

For every time you caressed me before I fall asleep, for every time you consoled me when I was sad, for every time you stayed up late to make sure I was not afraid of the dark, I wish you to have a great birthday and may every candle you blow be a moment of happiness!

I wish I will have the same courage in raising up my own children as you had with me. Thank you for being a role model and a caring father at the same time. I wish you the best.

I feel lucky to have a dad like you. I wish you never stop being as sweet as you are today. Give a huge blow to those candles and don’t forget me in your lucky wish!

to my dear Dad: I was going to buy something awesome for your birthday, but I didn’t seem to have enough money. So for your birthday this year, I’m going to give you a suggestion that you increase my pocket money for the next year. Until then, happy birthday this year!

I have a premonition that this year your birthday wish will come. So, think wisely and wish big, because it will become true before this night is over! You surely know which one you should no way leave outside, right! Have a magic birthday!

Each day no matter what I’ve done
My dad is there and never misses
I hope this year to be one
Out of his several birthday wishes
For this great and happy event
I hope the fairies of luck to bring
I’ll tell to God an angel to send
For your birthday merrily to sing

Many sweet kisses and a big hug for my lovely dad!

They say that watching your children grow is a unique experience. I’m happy to have played this role, but you should also know that watching you be near me and hold my hand in every difficult moment was priceless! My best wishes for your birthday!