21st Birthday Gifts for Him

21st Birthday Gifts for Him

There are many great 21st birthday gifts for him that you may be able to think up, but the truth is that your 21 year old man is still just a big kid at heart.He is so much more likely to enjoy a fun toy or gadget than he would enjoy a fancy bottle of wine, so it may be a good idea to get him a gift that he will enjoy.There are all kinds of fun toys and gadget gifts that you can give him, and below you will find just a few of the crazy things that he is guaranteed to love…iPad or iPhone Arcade – For the guys who own iDevices, an Arcade case can be one of the best gifts that you can give him.

Most 21 year old men still use their iPad or iPhone for games more than for work or communications, so this gift of an Arcade case will be one of the best birthday gifts for him. This way he can really enjoy playing all those old fashioned arcade games that he loves, and he can do it in style! Water gun set – Most guys at the age of 21 will start to be getting down to the more serious things in life, but there is something irresistible about having a water gun fight in the heat of summer. If you want to give him a unique gift that he will like, why not get him a set containing a number of water guns? He can use the guns to have a water fight with his friends, and he will definitely enjoy this – making it one of the best birthday gifts for men that are just big kids at heart.Crossbow – No doubt your 21 year old man has seen all of the classic Robin Hood movies, and he dreamed of being able to be an archer.

Obviously he can’t become an archer as a profession, but getting him a crossbow is one of the best unusual gifts for men that have a passion for archery, sports, and hunting. He will spend hours having target practice in the backyard, and it will be a gift that he is guaranteed to enjoy. It is hard not to have fun with such an awesome gift, and it’s one of the great birthday gifts for men that he is sure to love!

Airsoft Guns – Having BB gun fights is something that most of the youth of today never get to enjoy, as they are so focused on technology and gadgets that they have never been able to experience the amazing enjoyment that running around a forest or park shooting your friends can be. If you want to find good birthday gifts for him, get him some airsoft guns. He can play with his friends, and it is actually a great way for him to get a lot more exercise. To promote a bit more time outside the house, the game of shooting his friends up will be the dream exercise!

Portable ping pong set – Beer pong is a game that is played at just about every frat house party, and no doubt your 21 year old is a pro at the game. However, rather than beer pong, why not encourage him to play ping pong by getting him a portable ping pong set? It will be a great way for him to experience all the fun that it can be to play table tennis with his friends, and it will be a sport that he can play just about anywhere. As long as there is a long table where he can set up the net, there’s a way to play the game.

Bathroom sports –For your juvenile man, a game of bathroom sports can be a hilarious and entertaining gift – but a surprisingly practical one as well. While he is sitting on the toilet, he can have a bit of fun playing toilet golf or toilet basketball. However, the bathroom sports mats will double as the perfect toilet mat, and it will be an excellent gift that is guaranteed to entertain him for hours. Just make sure that you don’t need to use the bathroom after him, as he will probably spend more time playing than using the bathroom.Helicopter – Most kids see the airplanes and RC toys at the park, and they wish that they could have remote control vehicles.

A great gift that you can give your 21 year old is a remote control helicopter. He can use the simple controls to fly the helicopter all around your house, or he can take it outside for endless hours of fun. You may even want to consider one of the RC helicopters that are controlled using his iPhone or iPod, which will be even more fun for him!Video games – If there is one thing that young guys usually spend a lot of time doing, it is playing video games.

The truth is that nearly every man in the world will enjoy a bit of time playing his favorite video game, even if he likes to get out, play sports, or hang out with friends. Video games attract just about everyone, and getting him a video game can be a great way to give him a gift that he is sure to enjoy. It can be a whole lot of fun for him to get the latest Assassin’s Creed, Crysis, or Call of Duty game, and it is guaranteed to be an appreciated gift.

Ice Cream Ball – For guys that like to toss around a ball with friends, this is the perfect present for them. Not only will the ball be endless hours of fun, but it will deliver a delicious treat as well. Basically it is a large ball with a hollow center, and that center is filled with the fixings to make ice cream. You can read the instruction manual to know what you will need to make ice cream, and all you need to do is throw around the ball until the ice cream is ready.

All kinds of fun, and a delicious snack to boot!Fisticup – For the man that wants to feel tough, this is a great gift for him. It is basically a regular coffee cup, but with a pair of brass knuckles instead of a cup handle. It will be a fun gift that he is sure to enjoy, and it may even come in handy in a pinch! He will definitely love the gift, and will take it to his school or office just to be able to show it off to all his friends. It is guaranteed to make any man feel a lot manlier!

Gaming Chair – If your man spends a lot of time at the gaming console, no doubt your couch has seen better days! Why not consider getting him a chair where he can sit for him hours of gaming, a special chair made specifically for gaming? This chair is designed to sit back comfortably, but it will roll forward slightly when he sits up for a particularly intense moment in the game. It is made to be uber-comfortable, and will be an excellent choice if your man likes to play a lot of video games!

Swiss Military Pen –This is an incredibly practical gift for a man that wants a multi functional tool, and it will be an amazing gift that he is sure to love. It is a simple pen that he can use for school, but it comes apart into three separate capsules – each of which contains a few tools. It is the equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife, but in a form that he can use at the office or for his school, and will be a great gift for guys of any age!

These are a few fun ideas of 21st birthday gifts for him, and there are many more creative ideas that you can come up with!